Botox and Dysport


Botox Philadelphia, PA Botox Norristown, PA

Botox and Dysport Norristown, PA

Dysport Philadelphia, PA Dysport Norristown, PA

Vivify Medical understands our patients demand results.  Your face is the first thing you see in the morning and the first thing everyone else see when you step out the door, it represents who you are.  We specialize in Facial Aesthetics.  All treatment are preformed by our doctors who are trained and certified in aesthetics.  Physician only treatments is what Vivify Medical is all about.  Botox and Dysport injection are excellent treatment options for the management of  facial wrinkles. If you noticed Crow feet, fore head lines, worry line, smoker wrinkles , or anything you don’t like, our physicians will evaluate and develop the best treatment options to achieve your desired request.  At Vivify Medical you will not find a mini water falls in the waiting room and we will not place hot rocks on you to balance your chakra.  What we do offer is professional services, from our certified physicians, at the most reasonable rates in area.  This means you can afford more treatment for your hard earned dollars.  Call or book online  today at our Norristown or Philadelphia offices.  See the difference Vivify Medical  can do for you.

   Learn more about Botox and Dysport

Botox and Dysport are two forms of botulinum toxin available today by injection. It has become the gold standard for the temporary cosmetic rejuvenation of the face addressing the common age-related problem of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines to name a few.

Botox before after man Philadelphia PA Norristown, PA This drug is used in tiny amounts in order to relax muscles chemically by blocking a substance (acetylcholine) necessary for muscle contraction. The medical world has decades of experience with this compound which was first developed for the treatment of pathological contractions of larger muscle groups seen in conditions such as TMJ, dystonias, and other neuromuscular conditions.

Loss of skin elasticity occurs naturally with aging as the result of reduced collagen and blood flow to the skin layers. Wrinkles, also known as rhytids, can occur when certain tiny facial muscles become more prominent and the adjacent skin is unable to respond elastically to these changes. Increased constriction of muscles can cause creases and wrinkles. Dynamtic rhytids can be treated by relaxing muscles that are competing against an inferior muscle. Different muscles can become more dominant over others which varies from person to person and is the reason people develop certain problem areas at different times in their lives.

Botox before after women philadelphia, pa norristown, pa Facial muscles are tiny, and exact placement of the product is crucial which is accomplished by injection into the muscle. Because this process can be very exacting, other aesthetic benefits can result in addition to diminished wrinkles. Common wrinkles such as crow’s feet and frown lines are often eliminated; eyebrow reshaping is also quite easily accomplished. Botox and Dysport are also used as “specialty injections” in the treatment of sad smile, bunny lines, gummy lines, vertical lip lines, and dimpled chin.

Botox before after philadelphia, pa norristown, paBotox and Dysport are considered safe drugs with a long track record. You will quickly appreciate a more youthful appearance as you watch your problem winkles fade. Others will also notice a younger you! How long do the benefits last? Results can last up to three months or longer depending on how quickly one metabolizes the drug and whether or not they have received regular injections. Our  Norristown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvaina office’s carefully selected, individual facial and aesthetics treatments are painless with minimal or no bruising, and extra care is always given to maintaining a natural appearance.

Since 2002 we have been improving the quality of life for our patients throughout Montgomery county ( Abington , Blue Bell , Bridgeport , Conshohocken , Fort Washington , Hatboro , Horsham , King of Prussia , Lansdale , Limerick , Main Line , Merion , Narberth , North Wales , Plymouth Meeting , Pottstown , Schwenksville , Skippack , Villanova , Wayne , Whitpain , Willow Grove , Wyndmoor , and Wynnewood ), the greater Philadelphia metro area, and Delaware.

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