Botox and Dysport FAQ




How do Botox and Dysport Work?

Facial expression, e.g. frowning and smiling, requires muscle contraction just underneath the skin. Over time, repeated and consistent muscle contraction in the face can cause a stretching and pulling and loss of elasticity of the skin. This process results in wrinkles. Botox and Dysport injections simply block the muscle’s ability to contract, thus causing the overlying skin to relax giving a smooth appearance to the observer.

It is important to distinguish between static and dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles do not necessarily depend on muscular contraction underneath and are therefore harder to treat with Botox or Dysport. Dynamic wrinkles on the other hand, only occur when the underlying muscle contracts. This drug will cause the muscle to relax thus relaxing the wrinkle above. In some cases, repeated treatment with Botox or Dysport can cause a wrinkle to completely disappear.

botox before and afterIn general, dynamic wrinkles of the forehead and around eyes respond well to Botox or Dysport. Additionally, eyebrow raising and reshaping, also known as Chemical Brow Lift, can also result from these injections. This attractive “winged look” is often noted in professional models and film stars.

Botox and Dysport only work by direct injection into the responsible muscle. This is followed by absorption in that muscle thus sparing its effect on adjacent structures such as the eyes making it ideal for the upper face and forehead. These injections can also be used in the lower face for fine lines around the lips, reduce dimpled chins and neck bands, correct a drooping nose, and diminish the appearance of bulging jaw muscles.

What can I expect from Botox and Dysport?

For most patients, the injections are painless and require no local anesthesia. The process is over in 10-15 minutes and there is no recovery time. Since there are little or no side effects one is able to return to normal activities immediately following the appointment. Patients will start to see full results within 3-5 days, and will enjoy the benefits for 3-5 months. Those receiving serial injections should enjoy longer lasting results.

Botox Dysport Before and AfterVivify Medical Aesthetics wants you to have to best Botox or Dysport experience possible which is why we may do things a bit differently while always striving for the utmost comfort and outcome.

  1. We use a smaller needle size than others for more pain-free injections; these special needles are about thirty times more expensive ($10 versus 30 cents) but results in markedly reduced bruising and discomfort and we think our patients are worth going the extra mile.
  2. We use more concentrated forms of Botox and Dysport to ensure smaller volume per injection which also reduces bruising, swelling, and pain.
  3. We keep meticulous records on quantity and location of each injection; this ensures our ability to reproduce an effect you particularly loved, or to adjust an area you expected would have a better result.
  4. Injections will always be administered either by a physician or a professionally trained technician.
  5. We will educate you on the post-injection dos and don’ts for the best possible outcome and advise you on sun exposure, lotions, and other possible procedures you might be considering.
  6. We do everything in our power to ensure you are satisfied with the experience and the results following Botox or Dysport injections.

Dysport Before and AfterIn summary, Botox and Dysport are prescribed medications that when correctly injected directly into certain muscles result in reducing the size and depth of all types of wrinkles, from frown lines to fine line wrinkles. If you believe you are ready to enhance your appearance, are considering Botox or Dysport in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, or simply want to learn more about the pros and cons of this type of treatment, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation visit with one of our professionals.

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