Not only is Juvederm one of the newest injectable dermal fillers on the market today, it has also rapidly become the most popular in this country. Patients now want and expect quick procedures with immediate results, requiring little or no recovery time.

What is Juvederm exactly? This filler is actually a natural polysaccharide which in certain form can be used as a versatile soft tissue filler. This form of polysaccharide is actually cross-linked hyaluronic acid which is one of the few substances found to be identical across all species and all tissue types which makes it ideal for numerous medical applications. Quite simply, Juvederm restores a youthful appearance to skin by replacing lost volume of a natural substance.

Common sites for Juvederm injections include cheeks, lips, naso-labial creases, worry lines, and hands. Juvederm is available in various viscosities and packaged as Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus which is usually reserved for larger wrinkles or spaces where greater correction is required. The higher the viscosity the longer the duration of treatment effectiveness. Dermal fillers generally last between 8 and 12 months depending on type and location. Local anesthesia is rarely needed since Juvederm is pre-mixed with Lidocaine for maximum comfort.

Following injection with Juvederm, the product binds to water and is retained in that form for many months. Less stabile forms of hyaluronic acid only last from days to several weeks. Additionally, absolutely no animal products are used which eliminates the risk of disease transmission and reduces the risk of allergic reaction especially in those sensitive to foods such as beef, chicken, or eggs.

Available in our office are two forms of Juvederm created and packaged for different purposes and outcome, ranging from the elimination of tiny wrinkles to providing fuller facial contours or plumper lips.

  • Juvederm Ultra is used for winkle reduction and reshaping of lips.
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus is used for enhancing cheeks and chin, filling in deep folds, as well as augmenting lip volume.

There are many factors that will determine just how long Juvederm injections maintain their effectiveness. These can range from age of patient, type of skin, lifestyle and muscular activity, in addition to injection technique. Injected gel particles in Juvederm are very gradually absorbed which allows for smoother maintenance treatments. Water will replace the gel as it breaks down. As the gel becomes less concentrated more water is able to bind which produces a longer time of effectiveness seen with Juvederm treatment.

When the gel is totally absorbed it simply disappears from the body with no noticeable trace. For improved outcome, most patients choose to repeat the process in 6-12 months in order to prolong the diminished wrinkles or facial contouring. Lip augmentation usually requires follow-up treatment in 6 months. There is no set way for maintaining treatment and one can change the combination of treatments, frequency, or location of injections at any time. You are in control of your looks!

In addition to Juvederm, Vivify Medical Aesthetics of Norristown offers a variety of chemical filler products for your individual aesthetic needs, providing such services.   Since 2002 we have been improving the quilaty of life for our patients throughout Montgomery county ( Abington , Blue Bell , Bridgeport , Conshohocken , Fort Washington , Hatboro , Horsham , King of Prussia , Lansdale , Limerick , Main Line , Merion , Narberth , North Wales , Plymouth Meeting , Pottstown , Schwenksville , Skippack , Villanova , Wayne , Whitpain , Willow Grove , Wyndmoor , and Wynnewood ), the greater Philadelphia metro area, and Delaware.

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