Perlane is essentially a more viscous form of Restylane, created to provide better outcome for deeper creases or for filling in larger volume areas such as cheeks, chin, and hands. This higher viscosity provides a benefit not found in most other fillers.

Perlane consists of stabilized hyaluronic acid in the form of a clear gel which smoothes wrinkles and creases, and provides volume and contour to problem areas. This can be thought of as a natural beauty lift. What we consider beautiful might change as we age, yet we all have natural lines that can be enhanced. Perlane is one way of enhancing those lines thus creating a more beautiful appearance in a very natural way, lasting in most cases over 12 months.

Perlane now has a proven track record of success. It is estimated that 1,500,000 treatments of Perlane and Restylane have been provided to patients in 60 countries. The manufacturing of these products is highly scrutinized, coming to you from a country well-known for its beauty, health, and nature. In fact, hyaluronic acid is one of the few substances that is identical across species and tissue types thus allowing for its use in a variety of medical applications. Perlane is able to restore and rejuvenate your skin by simply and naturally replacing depleted volume.

Perlane and Restylane are the only fillers available that offer NASHA, or non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid. NASHA is the first stable and bio-degradable form of this polysaccharide and is created under highly scrutinized and patented conditions. The process yields a choice of different gels which can be used individually or in combination.

Following injection, Perlane binds water which is stable for many months. Non-stabilized forms of hyaluronic acid only last from days to weeks. Lacking in animal products, there is no risk of disease transmission and a minimal risk of allergic reactions, especially important in those patients sensitive to certain foods like beef, chicken, and eggs.

While Restylane is more effective for finer wrinkles and low-volume replacement, Perlane is recommended for shaping contours as in cheeks, chin, deep folds, in addition to volume enhancement of lips. Treatment effectiveness over time depends on several factors including patient’s age, skin type, muscle activity and lifestyle, in addition to injection technique. Perlane gel particles are absorbed so slowly it allows for smoother maintenance schedules. As the gel becomes absorbed it is unnoticeably replaced by water. As the concentration of gel falls, more binding of water occurs which is one reason Perlane’s
effectiveness lasts longer than other fillers.

Once the gel is completely reabsorbed without a trace, most patients choose to follow-up in 6-12 months. Maintenance for lip augmentation usually follows in 6 months. You may choose various combinations of gels, injection sites, and treatment frequency always remembering you are in control of your looks!

In addition to Perelane, Vivify Medical Aesthetics of Norristown offers a variety of chemical filler products for your individual aesthetic needs, providing such services.   Since 2002 we have been improving the quilaty of life for our patients throughout Montgomery county ( Abington , Blue Bell , Bridgeport , Conshohocken , Fort Washington , Hatboro , Horsham , King of Prussia , Lansdale , Limerick , Main Line , Merion , Narberth , North Wales , Plymouth Meeting , Pottstown , Schwenksville , Skippack , Villanova , Wayne , Whitpain , Willow Grove , Wyndmoor , and Wynnewood ), the greater Philadelphia metro area, and Delaware.

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